Tuesday, February 27, 2007

4 Cutest Girls in America

Mommy and Reese with the Alexander girls, Izzy and Avery. We were babysitting Saturday night. It still blows my mind that when Kate and I started dating Avery (on the right) was just a baby and now she's helping take care of Reese. Time flies...
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Dropped Calls

Cingular has the fewest dropped calls of any network in America... unless Reese has the phone. Don't worry it's in the fine print on the commercials.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Running Water

Reese has discovered running water. Pretty cool. Someone else puts their hands under a faucet and they are washing their hands. Reese does it and it's simply amazing.
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Grins & Giggles

Bathtime means fun time. And it may be kind of girly and slighty metro for Daddy to say this but the Oatmeal scented baby wash smells awesome! And it's tear free!
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


The wonder of a child. Mommy has a great eye for great photo ops.
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Rice Cereal

This rice cereal is crazy delicious!
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You mean to tell me that Ozarka water doesn't really come from the Ozarks? I don't know what this world is coming to. I'm so shocked I'm just going to drool on myself.
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Seriously Daddy... Another blog posting with just me making a new face???
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Despite the look on her face she really does love Daddy. And the Cubs. I think she was just getting a little fussy over the fact that we had to keep taking pictures to try and get a cool shot of her wearing Daddy's favorite hat. But she does have her allegiances down. :)
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday Morning Phase 2

Now it's off to the activity center to play and watch The Little Mermaid. She is mesmerized, can't you tell?
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Saturday Morning w/ Daddy

Just a little glimpse into what a Saturday morning with Reese and Daddy can look like. First you drink a bottle, but since it's hard to take a picture while both of our hands are full you'll have to imagine that part. :) Then it's off to the diaper change. First you have to give said diaper to Reese to see if she approves of the Sesame Street character that is on it. This morning it's Big Bird. Reese approves.
Then we unbutton the footie pj's and let Reese play with her feet for a little bit. She likes that. Then it's pretty much standard diaper operating proceedures.
Then it's time for the blue suction thingy. Reese has been a little stopped up this week so we have to get the junk out of her nose so she can breathe. I heard somewhere that breathing is important. Mommy does this part much better than Daddy. Oh well.

Then Reese is all clean... no diaper junk and no nose junk. It's off to phase 2 of Saturday morning with Daddy!
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Monday, February 05, 2007

Sailor Reese

Nothing really funny to say about this one. Reese in her sailor outfit. Her hair is getting longer though. Can you tell?
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Got milk?

Mommy I'm sick of drinking nothing but formula. When do I get to start on solids???
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Skip's new blog

Skip has a new blog that will hopefully contain coherent ramblings. If not, you can comment that it's a waste of time. So, for the continued adventures of the super baby known as Reese, keep coming back to this site. If you want to delve into the mind of Skip, take a hop over to paradoxorthodox.blogspot.com. You can just come here and click on the link to the right if you want. Happy reading.