Monday, April 20, 2009


We had an awesome challenge at church yesterday to simplify our lives. Just about all the clutter that fills our life both physically and otherwise. This is something my dad often told me growing up as well and I love it! Simplify. So on top of cleaning out my car, the garage and purging our lives of all the clothes, dvd's, and just crap that fills up our house (and I dont consider myself a pack rat and I'm not a knick-knacky person either but still we have so much we could get rid of!...)...anyway, we are also trying to clean out our time, focus and emotions. "Seek FIRST HIS kingdom..." Which is so hard to do truly and authentically I think, but in our daily struggle to be more like Him and honor Him in our daily living...the process begins, which is ongoing, of "simplifying" the DVR timers, our weekend calendar, bank accounts, the pressures and expectations we put on ourselves and others and just our crazy, busy thoughts and lives in general. Anyway, wish us luck! :)
**Baby is good. 37 weeks and counting! Reese pics and update soon!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Our little princess

So as the day and time approach quickly here at the end (I am 35 weeks yesterday) we are getting so excited to meet this new little member of our family. I want Reese to have siblings and I have always wanted a big family. But also as we get closer, I find myself with the mixed emotion of being sad at the reality that we will go have this baby and at that moment, things will change and we won't have Reese by herself anymore. I'm not worried about my love for the new baby or anything, but just sad that it’s not just gonna be “Reeseie” anymore. and wondering how that dynamic is going to work out. She is just so sweet and cute and fun and a joy to us and we have loved loved loved her personality and just love being able to give so much to her and spend so much time with her…I know those things we love about her won’t change and that pretty much everyone in the world has gone through this moment if you’ve had more than one child. I know that once the baby is here, I’ll love it so much and won’t be able to imagine life without it…at least, that’s how I always felt when one of these guys was born. But, it is still a feeling I am struggling with a little here. We are praying daily for the Lord to bless and sustain our individual relationships with Reese after the baby and to allow her to feel loved, special and steady...not overwhelmed or upset by the change in her little life. So anyway, anyone with advice for me, please share! :)