Monday, March 22, 2010

Month in review.

So many pictures to post, so many things to write...wait for it, wait for it...beaubaby is starting to army crawl which is so cute and has his two front top and bottom teeth, and reese is our little sassy girl right now! She definitely needs to be in a drama class or something :) but so sweet and fun. She just got asked to be her first flower girl in this girl's wedding, so I am pretty sure she will knock that one out of the park! Just had spring break which was great to have time with skip home all week. doing house projects, cleaning out the garage...Broke out the reefs over spring break...there is something about my black reefs that makes me happy. They are sooooo old they are now melded to my feet perfectly...I never want a new pair! (And yes, I wash them every year all you germ-a-phobs!) Had a fun girls night out, did some shopping, made some cupcake pops...Decided that this year I am going to garden, like actually be a gardener. I started with herbs in pots (I have mint, chives and rosemary) now Im ready to move on to flowers in our front bed, and my dream would be to grow some more herbs, blackberries and a few other things in a bed in our backyard. Now, the fact that this requires some knowledge and also tools, which I have neither of, makes this an interesting project! Anyway, deeper topics of discussion and more pics to come soon, as in tomorrow! I promise! Happy Spring!