Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reese takes on the Zoo!!...

Ummm, only the coolest picture of all time!!

Snack time!

She liked the reptiles...And no, she is not a parceltongue.
Thank goodness she's not a Slytherin!! (Harry Potter reference...FYI)

The monkeys were a crowd pleaser...

Trying so hard to see the giraffes!

Her favorite...the elephants!!! She even got a stuffed one to take home!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Just a taste...

Just a few new pics...I've got more coming so don't worry! You'll get your fill this week because I'm behind on posting pics! Above: We took Daddy to the Japanese Gardens. Reeseie loved feeding the fish! Below: Weekend at GiGi and Papa's house!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Ok. So I figured it was about time. I haven’t written in FOREVER! (New pics to come very soon, btw)…Anyway, quick life update on us. We sold our house, as evidenced in the last post, praise the Lord! I have to say though, as I went back to our little house for the last time, I stood in the middle of an empty house, and cried. I thought of Skip and I starting out in that house, all of the White Elephant parties we squeezed into that house, all the great great times we had there, bringing reese home there for the first time…Anyway, now we are residents of Saginaw, living with Skip’s mom who has graciously taken us in for a few months while we house hunt and pay off debt. We think we have found a new neighborhood in Keller we like, but are looking in Hurst too. I am still happy at the Gaylord, Skip is still teaching/coaching in White Settlement, Reese is talking up a storm and is super fun right now, I turned 28 this month and definitely had this "Crap, I can't believe I'm 28 which is almost 30 and I still feel like high school was yesterday and I feel like I am in a perpetual state of being 24 and next year is my last year in my 20's and then I'm old" moment. :) But, it was a fun birthday nonetheless! Now, on to some randomness…

Things I am pondering lately:
-Where to live.
-having an herb garden.
-why there is traffic at all hours of the day and night on 820.
-why can’t you still renew your Driver’s License online when it’s expired.
-how to be a better wife and mother.
-organization…A.K.A, the Container Store.
-why at Mexican places, even when I am so so full and not hungry anymore, I still keep shoveling chips and salsa in my face until the second we get up from the table…and feel miserable for it afterwards.
-how to get more sleep.

Some Fun Things to check out:
-Alexander blog…through some ups and downs they finally have gotten their referral to adopt a sweet baby from Ethiopia!
-O’Steen blog…Check out the new twin baby girls!
-the Sex and the City movie website (yes, I saw it and it rocked :) )
-this really cool little place in Ennis, yes Ennis Texas a sweet friend at work Amy told me about. You can rent the house and you can just chill, go fishing, swim…It’s super cute and inexpensive. We are totally going.
-the new TaraLeigh Cobble book. I love the way she writes…and this latest one is about NYC--- (where my ashes will be sprinkled when I die :) ) to come soon.