Thursday, September 17, 2009


Read this today on Jenn's blog. I mean, seriously, start here and read the whole blog...she is amazing! Had me crying thanking our sweet Lord that His mercies are new every morning. Thanks Jenn and several others who have reminded me of this lately! (this blog always encourages me to look at scripture). Thank you Jesus that I am forgiven, loved, that I am your child, and that I can be renewed daily regardless of the sin and things of this world. Thank you that you give me YOUR joy! Your blood poured out for me never fails.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

all things new...

Well, hello everyone. Back from the dead you ask?? Nope. Just back from not having a computer, having a babe, starting new jobs and moving. So, update of the summer...
Beau is doing great!! Such a content and happy baby, 16 pounds already! Reese is just blossoming and her personality keeps us laughing constantly. Skip started at his new school a few weeks ago and it has been good and challenging for him. It is a middle school in Saginaw and he is also coaching. I was blessed to be able to go back to part time as of last week!! Still at the Gaylord, same job and everything, just working 3 days a week. I love it and am so grateful to the Lord for showing Himself to be good and faithful yet again in my life, to my husband for working so hard to provide for us, and to my amazing work peeps for being so supportive! It has been awesome to be home with my babies :) Let's see...Oh yeah, we moved 2 weeks ago to Keller. We are loving the house! Trying to find a church--love the Village and Christ Chapel (where we have been going) but are visiting churches closer to the new hood. Ok, now that you're all caught up...random thoughts...
1)Love the rain!
2)love football!
3)love decorating!
4)love our sweet family foursome!
5)love our dear friends we live life with!
6)love lil smokies! (had them for bfast Sunday :) )
7)love cupcake pops! (

**Pics coming tonight!!**