Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Color Splash

So I've found a new way to waste time on my iPhone. It's an app called Color Splash and you can take photos and make them part black & white and part color. For whatever reason I think it's really cool. Kate doesn't really get it. But here are a couple of photos I "color splashed" anyway.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Trip to the ER

Well to celebrate Valentine's Day and our 6th wedding anniversary Kate and I took our daughter on a date to two emergency rooms. Last night at dinner Reese got a very funny look on her face like she was dizzy and about to puke. Then she tells us that her head hurts (which she's never done before) and starts acting funny. And being the good parents that we are we rush her over to the Cooks Children's urgent care that's about 3 minutes from our apartment. We fill out the book of forms to check in and after sitting in the waiting room for 15 minutes Reese's dinner shoots out of her mouth and onto the floor. Now I forgot to mention that earlier in the day she had fallen off of our overstuffed chair in the living room and hit the back of her head (this info will be important in a second).
After seeing her undigested macaroni and having a family clean up session in the bathroom, Reese's head seems to stop hurting. But again we as concerned parents decide to stay and have her checked out by a doctor. So they check her and three of the symptoms of a concussion are change in disposition, vomiting and fever. Of course Reese is batting 1,000 on this and we recall that she hit her head earlier in the day. But she maybe fell 12 inches onto carpet. Well long story short (too late) the doc at the first place scares the crap out of us and says that they need to send our daughter downtown because head injuries can go downhill quick. They have to send an ambulance (that takes 40 minutes to get there), I have to follow behind it in the car, they give Reese an IV, hook her up to a heart rate monitor, she gets a CT scan, the hospital tells my mom that we're coming on Care Flight, on and on it goes.

When it was all said and done we discover that she has some sort of stomach virus that's going around and there is absolutely no head injury of any kind. Reese gets a teddy bear from her ride with the Teddy Bear team (that's what they call the Cooks transports), she gets a rainbow popsicle at midnight, and a new shirt to wear home because her other one contains the remnants of her dinner.
All of this story to say that it was a hectic, stressful night. But we are so thankful that our little girl is ok and we're interested to see how much the teddy bear and popsicle cost. :)