Friday, October 31, 2008


As you might remember, before we knew that Reese was Reese, we called her “baby T”…a term of endearment really. Well, now we are excited to say that we have begun the adventure of “T-2” :) …
That’s right. Here we go again! Finding out about this baby was somewhat of a surprise, as we wanted to wait a little longer so we would be out of the apartment and back into a house by the time the baby was born. But, after a few weeks of freaking out a little, we are super excited!! We know God is in complete control of our lives and has had this baby planned and planned for us specifically since the beginning of time, which amazes me!
So…I am 12 weeks, due May 13th. May is a good baby birthing time :) Reese doesn’t really get it I don’t think, but if you ask her where the baby is, she will say mommy’s tummy. And if you ask if she wants a brother or a sister she will say “sheeshter” :) So sweet! We are planning on not finding out again so I guess she will have to wait until May to find out!
We are thrilled and would love your prayers for a healthy pregnancy, healthy delivery, and healthy baby!
--Stay tuned for Halloween pics next week!

Psalm 139: 13-14
“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well!”

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend update...

-So the past few weekends I have been partying it up :) On the 10th, I went to So You Think You Can Dance – Live! With sweet friends, Jen, Jenn, Meredith and Maggie. In case you didn’t know, this is a summer show by the producers of American Idol except dancing instead of singing! It is awesome! If you haven’t watched it, start this year!
-Last weekend we took Reese to the Butterfly Flutterby in Grapevine….she had wings on and looked so dang cute. They had little tiny ponies and she kept yelling “pony, pony” so we paid the $5 and let her ride the pony. She freaked out! Cried, freaked, wanted off the pony…so that wasn’t quite as successful as we thought it would be.
-This weekend I went to Jason Mraz with my friends from work Jenna and Amy. He was great, love him. Except he didn’t even sing the rocket song or You and I Both Know, which to me are two of his bigger songs…but he did make sure however, that he put Obama’s face in the background of a stained glass window up on the screen during one of his songs…
-Jason was Thursday night, Friday night was….High School Musical 3!!! That’s right. I was there on opening night with my friend Misty with every other 10 year old in the metroplex. And yes, it was worth it. I am so sad they are over. And I don’t care what you say…I love them, I own them on DVD, and I like Zac Efron. So there. :)
-Saturday we hung with the Stewarts and our dear friend Travis who we rarely get to see due to the fact he was in Iraq and now lives far away in Lufkin. Anyway, fun times were had by all at the kids carnival we went to and during the rousing political discussion that ensued. Check out Andrea’s blog and see her thoughts about it :) …

So now, back at work. It’s Monday. Yea.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Pics Part Deux... new pics were much needed on the blog. Stick with it...there are a bunch! Probably 3 posts worth in 1 !! :) Have fun...We have been having lots of fun lately and things are good! God is so good and faithful in our lives through this beautiful little girl, our families and friends!

New fav...spaghetti! Luke's cool water party...
Reese and Owen...

Ready for school with Elmo backpack...

...we moved her to a big girl bed :(

who doesn't want to wear princess socks with their jellies????

She wanted every bow she owns in her hair at the same time...

Matty's birthday celebration!--Skip and Matt have been best friends for forever now and our familes are "family" to each other...Matt and Andrea and now sweet baby Luke are a constant in our lives and we love them dearly...And we love eating sopapillas with them at Uncle Julio's.

Girls night for restaurant week at Craft! This is a yearly tradition I share with these sweet girls!