Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!

So yeah, couldn't narrow the pics down any more than this...So grateful Skip and I both had the day off and could do snowy things with the reesie and beaubaby!--including make-shift snow boots of target bags! Had a great day and are so thankful for the fun and time together as well as the sweet reminder of our Great Creator through this rarely seen (in texas anyway :) ) piece of His beautiful creation! -- "Though your sins be as scarlet, they are washed white as snow!" Happy snow day everyone!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

GFA and Change...

You might have seen the little gadget we have had in the top right corner of our blog since we started it. You might have not really looked at it. If you have never heard of Gospel for Asia, please check this out! We support a native missionary with them and some other things with their organization. We love them, 100% of what you give goes to the field! The director, K.P. Yohannan, is unbelievable and his books will change your life. I am re-reading Revolution in World Missions and every chapter is just life changing. We have ordered almost all of his other books as well and are on a mission to read them all this year. We have been completely pricked and moved to not only pray for and learn more and be more aware of the state of the world and world missions, but to DO more. We want this year to be a year of seeking and growing and of the Lord teaching us, molding our hearts, leading us to what He has for us to do and be. I truly hope we are in a season of Him working in us, Him changing and growing us. The Holy Spirit is moving in us to get out of the mindset of just making our little bubble more easy and comfortable, but instead to live our lives truly in service of our Savior in tangible, physical be thinking of the all the lost and hurting people and feel convicted to do something, to show Him to others, to soak Him in. And this is evident here in the place we are planted...we want to be more aware, bold, and intentionally a picture of Him to the people and in situations God has given us at work, in our neighborhood, people we run into on the street...Skip and I were so blessed to have what we did at Denton Bible with College Life...a once in a lifetime experience where we exploded in our knowledge, love and service for the Lord...where we were so focused and intense on Christ and His Word. Outside of that, our attentions, affections, and actions are so often pulled, deceived, distracted by the daily grind and sinful desires. Daily "quiet times" are so often a struggle. I pray that we are stirred with renewed and restored affections for our Savior this year (third word of the year--affections) , that He stirs our affections for our lost, hurting world and that He continues to direct our steps to whatever He has for us. Please look at and read the GFA website and seriously read K.P Yohannan's books!