Thursday, November 29, 2007

Car Conversations

So, I have recently been told by my college roommate, who lives in Colorado I might add, that Skip and I remind her of the couple on the Sonic commercials. Now, Im not sure if this is a compliment :)...and at first I was like "what??", but...given the conversations we have had in the car this week, Im beginning to think I agree with her.

Conversation #1-- "What makes the difference between a burrito and a taco?" (Skip)
"Obviously, the outer shell and how it's wrapped. If it is folded/in a hard shell, it's a taco. If it's wrapped in a soft tortilla, it's a burrito." (me)
"I disagree. What about soft tacos?" (Skip)
"Well, but soft tacos are folded, so it's still a taco."(me)
" I think it's the filling, that determines the taco/burritoness."(Skip)
"Well, but you can order a beef burrito. Hummm, agree to disagree. When in rome..."(me)

Conversation #2--"Where is that tanker taking all that milk?"(me)
"To the milk place"(Skip)
"What do you mean? Is it going from the farm to the place that pasteurizes it or to the dairy or Kroger or what??"(me)
"From the farm to the dairy."(Skip)
"So Mr. Milkman, do they just open the spout on the truck and empty it in to the jugs, cuz thats gross if thats where our milk comes from ."(me)
"Our milk comes from cows, honey."(Skip)

Conversation #3-- "If you had a super power, like one from Heroes, which one would you want?"(Skip)
"Obviously Parkman. Cuz I could read minds and control people."(me)
"What about Claire though. Then you could heal yourself."(Skip)
"Or what about the new girl that can do anything she sees? And I do love Mohinder." (me)
"Mohinder doesn't even have a super power." (Skip)
"So what? I still love him"(me)
"Well, then I would obviously kick your butt..."(Skip)
"Whatever...I would...kick your butt...too."(me)
"Good comeback." (Skip)

---Because of conversations like those and many many more involving trivia, useless knowledge, and what if's, I have to say...we laugh alot and my roommate is seeming more right as the days go by. Thanks Michelle! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

That for which I am THANKFUL...

I just stepped outside and cool how the weather changes in an instant. Hot to cold, fall to winter...God is amazing! So as I wipe snot from my daughter's nose, get out winter sweaters and jackets, make myself the first mug of hot chocolate of the season, and tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I ponder all the things I truly am thankful for:

-A God who is full of grace, love, goodness, faithfullness, sovereignty, justice, forgivness, holiness, protects me daily, and who saved me from an eternity apart from Him!
-My family. A Godly father, mother, and brother who love me unconditionally, take care of me, taught me, and who I love to spend time well as extended family--grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins...all who love the Lord!,
-A husband who loves me, works to provide for his family, makes me laugh, has integrity, and makes me a better person, and who has put with me for almost 5 years!,
-A beautiful daughter who is full of life and personality, and is happy and healthy!
-Friends that are so close, they are family as well. God has provided us with beyond amazing friends, who all bring something different to our lives, support and love us unconditionally, and who we have the time of our lives with!
-People and things that inspire me to be better and do more! (adopting from Ethiopia, fighting illness and dealing with grief, a beach at sunset, traveling to Europe, living on support, having twins :), trying out for American Idol :), living your dreams!),
-Living in a country where we have freedom, and the people who fight and die so I can have it...a country where you can live, work, get medical care, ect. however you want!,
-Jobs that provide for our family,
-That for today, we are experiencing the blessing of good health,
-A roof over our head, a car to get us places, and food to eat,

And of course, all the little things that make life, life :) :

-my DVR,
-Taco Bueno and Chick Fil A,
-Northpark mall,
-People magazine, Harry Potter :),
-trips to NYC,
-beautiful weather,
-a good margarita,
-laundry detergent,
-heat and air conditioning,
-the ATM,
-Oh, this list could go on and I'll stop now!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tuesday Night Lights

Our first football season has come to a close so I thought you all might like to see "Coach T" in all his coaching glory! As you can imagine, Skip was the most hard-core of any of the coaching staff :) but seriously, the kids really responded to him, liked him and I think Skip enjoyed his experience too! Now on to basketball...Im sure he will be asking me many questions since my knowledge of the sport is pretty amazing...yesssss!....I can relive my b-ball days through 7th grade boys!! :)

Reese all bundled up to watch Daddy!

Coach T with his players...check out the awesome track suit!

White Settlement 7th grade football is quite the draw for the you can see!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Christmas Excitement

So, I walked into Target, my fav place, today and lo and behold....Christmas stuff was out!!! Yea!!! I know many of you are the "it's too early for Christmas" crowd...but I fully embrace the marketing strategy :) Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving and think it deserves more attention, however, I have to admit my heart still skips a beat at the sight of garland, and trees and fake snowmen. I have even turned on 103.7 and whipped out my Christmas cd's already! I just love the galleria all decorated, the sound of Christmas songs, the holiday scents, Charlie Brown Christmas...I think the anticipation and "build-up" to Christmas is almost more fun than the day itself...Before you all get worried and think Im so so shallow, let me just say I do know the real "reason for the season"(so cliche I know) and it is Jesus! (and friends and family :)
But, there is nothing wrong with a little holiday cheer! So I dont want to hear any comlaining if you are in my car and Mariah Carey's Christmas album is blaring through the speakers! :) (one of the greatest Christmas albums of all time, by the way!)
Merry Christmas early, to each and every one!!! (and Happy Thanksgiving!)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Roar Reesie, Roar!

Reese dressed up like a lion for halloween. The suit didn't stay on long, but she did a great job handing out her favorite candy to the neighborhood kids - Reese's peanut butter cups, of course!
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