Friday, September 28, 2007

These are the people in our neighborhood...

Yes. That is reference from Sesame Street, in case you're wondering. Ok. So here's one reason I love our neighborhood. As Reese and i were on our morning walk today, i waved at all the usual suspects. The old man and lady that have lived in that house since 1954, the lady the smokes on her front porch every morning at 8am, the guy "roomates" that are so friendly and Reese loves them...lets see, who else??....the guy that we cant figure out exactly why he is home all day, every day...I mean, are we the only people that work??, the guy that waters down his driveway (yes his driveway) every day, the people that have their Christmas tree up year round(thats a whole other story :), the young couple that are Tennessee fans, the man that falls asleep in his chair in the driveway every day...we have more than a few characters living among us. But today, the little old man three doors down, was learning how to ride a bike! So stinkin cute! He is seriously 80 years old at least, and he was riding his bike around and around in his driveway, had training wheels on! I hope Im like that when Im 80!!
Its the little things that amuse me :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

...A New Beginning

Ahhhhh, Monday, September of my favorite days of the year. Anyone have a guess??? If you know me at all, you would know it's because tonight begins the new fall season of tv! And yes, I know, I know. Im a dork and tv is the devil(Lanny), but I cant help it...I admit, I love it-I love kindof being in another world for an hour, Its fun!! Now, this day comes with much preparation and anticipation for me. The Friday before the Monday of the new season, I sit down with my fall preview tv guide, a glass of wine, and my DVR remote. So, this past Friday night, while Skip was gone at a football game, I did just that. Step 1 requires highlighters. I highlight all the shows I think I might want to watch. Now, I already have established shows on the roster, so there is only limited room for new shows. But, Ive done my research on all the new shows, so Im ready to make the hard choices on which ones to cut. The DVR records two shows at one time, so step 2 is going through and making sure of any overlapping times. This year, luckily only one night has shows that conflicted so I had to cut one on Thursday. Last year, I had way too many that overlapped and so I made the decision to cut ALL(and yes that includes American Idol-that ridiculous show that took up 3 night a week on my DVR--Go Daughtry!!) reality tv. (I was getting way bored of it anyway, and I would much rather watch a good drama than the "way-over" Bachelor or something.) Anyway, so step 3 is actually setting the season passes on the DVR and then...Im ready for a new exciting!! This is not an all-inclusive list, but, Heroes, Gray's, CSI, new fav Ugly Betty. And of course, we cant forget about the mid-seasoners...24 and Lost.
Ok, now before you think Im in love with my DVR(although I might possibly be-and I know there are few of you out there that understand), and that I ignore my child to watch all these shows, know this...I really dont watch every show, AND what I usually do is save up and watch on nights that Skip is gone coaching and Reese is asleep. Anyway, whatever...

Cheers!--to DVR's, the start of a new season, and all of you who are in the "tv club" with me!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

..."in my heart's eye"

This past week I visited my family in Tennessee. It was my grandmother's 80th birthday, Reese needed to see her Tennessee relatives, and I needed some pork bar-b-q.(is there any other kind???) :) We had a great time visiting with grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins...then we trekked down to Destin, Florida to suffer for a few days on the beach. My mom, my cousin, Reese and I took my Grandmother on a girls trip down there for her birthday. She loves it there but has not been able to go for a really long time, so it was a neat thing. We had so much fun shopping, eating, and hanging on the beach. Reese's first beach trip was a success!(although flying with an infant, by yourself, with connecting flights, is quite the challenge :) ) She was a little daredevil, but our little bathing beauty too! On another note...I am 27 years old, and my grandmother is 80. I think it is so cool how, at least to me, she is kindof ageless. I mean, I know she is older in my brain, but in "my heart's eye" she is still the same as she was when I was 5 years old...filling my stocking at Christmas, humming me songs at night, making me her special oatmeal... You wont often hear her complain, she is so kind and excited about life. I am so glad I got to spend this special time with her and hope I can remember and learn from all the things she is and does!
Yea for beach/girl's trips!!! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

...The rise and fall of Caesar

As you know, Skip and I should I say it...not pet people. (There are a select few we like however:) Well, our neighbor loves scottie dogs. In fact, they have a statue of one in their front yard. The one they had, Tiger, died and they got a new scottie puppy, Caesar. OK. For the past few months Caesar comes out with his annoying as heck bark and goes crazy right by Reese's window every day at her naptime! Wakes her up. For you moms you know how precious naptime is!!!! Gold! I have cried, yelled, cussed, thought of how I could sneak out after dark with a ski mask on and some sort of weapon....... Hum, or I really just wanna drop kick him off a bridge. Now that you all think I'm a complete psycho :), let me assure you all your pets are safe...Or, are they???

Afterthought of the day:
Has anyone ever wondered what the people that work at the DPS, Social Security Office, and City Court have in common?? They all are the thorn in my side. You are legally required to use their services yet, they are SOOOOOOO slow and for the most part, frustrating and only semi-helpful. And whats the deal with going to one place, waiting in line, only to find out you are at the wrong place and need to be at a different place waiting in line!!??!! Or, the ever popular, they close at 4pm, and seriously, if you show up at 4pm exactly, they will lock you out and have a security guard with a gun standing there just in case you didnt get the picture. Anyway, just a thought :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

...Our weekend o' fun!!!

We had a busy few days this weekend! It was Reese's 1 year old birthday on Saturday, and...a dear friend of mine, Misty, got married, and I was honored to be a bridemaid! The wedding festivities were Friday and Saturday into the wee-hours of the morning. There was dancing, partying, laughing, and possibly a little alcohol freely flowing! :) Then, on Sunday, we had Reese's birthday party. She was so cute! She didnt want anything to do with the cake, but...she was our little birthday princess! And just in case you're wondering if you can find this nice little strawberry overall number(in the above pic) in the new fall line at baby Gap, you cant! :) This is circa 1981, which I wore at my 1 year old birthday party! Strawberry Shortcake is making a comeback people!! :)
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson...and
Happy 1st birthday sweet baby girl!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Let's play the feud!!!!

Just a little advertisement!...Our friends, the Vanderveer family, (Ive been friends with Kristin since I was like 6 and we know the rest of them from college), was on Family Feud recently! Yes, the show is still on the air :) Anyway, it airs this week!! They won, so they are on all week. September 10-14, on the CW at noon!!! Set your Tivos...they are apparantly very entertaining!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ode to Papa...

My dad was the best dad in the world to me and now he is the best Papa for Reese. He is so kind and patient. He was always at my games, always cheered me on, made lots of tents in the living room with me, read lots of books, took me to the lake, always comforted, always a teacher, taught me about Christ, taught me about life, told me when I was out of line and disciplined me for it, helped me when I needed it, let me learn the lesson on my own when I needed to, took me to breakfast once a week from 4th grade until now...a tradition that continues with Reese...never made me feel stupid, always made me feel important, always listened, never "too busy", always hugged me, always said "I love you", never put his burdens on me, always joyful, always prayerful, always welcoming to others, always a good friend, always a good son to his parents, always a good husband, always played restaurant, always watched my shows I put on and clapped like it was for real :) , always accepted my friends as his own, always gave wise council, never quick to anger, but always quick to forgive. I mean...I pray and hope I can be as good a parent to Reese as he is to me. God gave me an amazing example and standard to go by in both of my parents and I love them very much!