Monday, October 18, 2010

Journey From Here

Needed a new name, new look, new direction, new motivation for this little blog...(so maybe Ill get back in the habit of writing)

Journey From Here.

Here...Here has been many starting points in my life of the "next thing"...High school, college, wedding, birth...these major life events. But right now I just feel "here" not knowing the next big thing and it makes me think of not the next big "thing" but having a big "journey"...with lots and lots of little moments along the way.

We have been talking in our house about how we just feel the Holy Spirit at work so mightily in our lives right now and in the past few years in so many ways. Some hard and challenging, some incredibly joyful, and many that are both of those. I said that I feel as if we are at a starting point. Starting point of something I'm not quite sure of. The Lord has been stirring and growing and stretching and changing us.

I Feel peace. Feel inspired. Feel thankful. Feel more in love with my Savior.
and then sometimes...or actually alot more than sometimes..,
I Feel restless. Feel unsettled. Feel stirred.
I feel ready.

I know that all of these are what makes up "here" where He wants me to be.

I am grateful for the feelings of love and joy and peace. I am also grateful for the others...that is how I know He is working on me and in me and through me. Bringing me "here" and taking me from here on the journey He has for me.

So here we go! Off and running from another starting point and I am excited to see where we go from here!

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