Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Clean Slate...

Ok, so today being the beautiful day that it was...Reese and I set out on a mission. Clean mommy's car...inside and out. I mean, I took it to the car wash and vacuumed it and everything. It was harder than it sounds. Now those of you who have ridden with me know two truths...I speed like a banshee(what is a banshee anyways???), and my car usually has a layer of "stuff" on all surfaces. was like "choose your own adventure" cleaning it out. Here's a not all-inclusive list of stuff I found...
-dvd's, books, cd's, magazines-all sorts of entertainment items
-those earrings Ive been looking for
-embarassingly, lunch trash from a few days ago...hey it was Potbelly, yum!!
-about $15 in change
-3 pairs of shoes
-a million Target receipts
-a toaster AND tea maker???
-Sonic cups
-more cheerios
-a few yards of some cute fabric, sweet! I could use that.
-A Metro church bulletin from like 2 years ago
-chargers for cell phones we no longer own
-and my personal favorite...some Miller Lite(and no I dont drink and drive-there is a logical explanation for this...a certain someone's wedding shower:)

Anyway, I am entering this Friday with a clean slate and I plan on keeping my little Corolla clean from now on!! :) Yea!!! And you can all hold me accountable.........


Perez Family said...

Wow! I'm impressed, I don't think I've ever seen your car empty. I promise you my Mom's car is worse than yours ever was. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I just want to know why you had a toaster and a tea maker in your car?? :o)

Misty said...

lOL!!! hilarious. i love your blog entries...they crack me up! btw i never think of it as that dirty when i ride in it! :O)