Monday, October 01, 2007

Today's Top Ten

As Reese and I were on our morning walk today, and I was sweating a little less than usual, I thought about the coming of fall and how it is my favorite thing ever! I love fall and here's why:

1) cool breeze, pretty colors , that "fall smell" in the air
2) the new fall line at Gap
3) NOT wearing stupid capri pants and tank tops, which I hate, but instead wearing awesome jeans and sweaters. I love fall clothes!
4) The day that you turn your clock back and get an extra hour of sleep. (although Im not sure how that one will work out this year with Reese...pretty sure she's still gonna wake up. Dang.)
5) Pumpkin patches
6) the fact that Thanksgiving is in the fall season. I wait 12 months for Thanksgiving food!
7) Football
8) Fall means we are that much closer to the holiday season--Love it!!!!
9) the smell of that first fireplace lighting up and the yankee fall-scented candles
10) falling leaves (although I hate raking them :)

I hope you all enjoy the season as much as I do!! Happy Fall!!


Chris and Stephanie Rohloff said...

You know what, I totally agree! I love this time of year...fall is my favorite season...I love the clothes and chilly air the best, and who doesn't love thanksgiving food (the way my mom makes it, of course)Good Top Ten. Hope the rest of the day goes great!

Misty said...

wow you have 2 new blogs this morning! i'm so behind! i'm getting sooooo excited to go to nashville this week!! woo hoo! :O) btw, can we have lunch today? or tomorrow? or thurs? :O) i miss you! i love fall too! so happy for football, changing colors, falling leaves, thanksgiving, and the holiday season quickly coming upon us!!!

emily said...

You have been busy posting!! I love Fall too!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for our fav. season!!! Call me...I feel much better now :)

Misty said...

can i just say, did you read my blog about driving to nashville? yeah i will not do that again!! lol we are having good times! thanks for your help/info on things to do while here. i miss you little friend!!